A downloadable game

A colony simulation and survival game with some rts and rpg elements and hopefully some interesting and fun experimental mechanics.   

The game will loosely reference some historical elements such as real tribe names but is meant to take place in its own world.


This demo is an early prototype so MANY things don't work but it will give you an idea of the gameplay and the world.   Thank you for your patience :-)

Should you wish to discuss any topics related to the game or just follow development please join the subreddit:


FEATURES (Some are working now others should come later)

  • Create your town in a procedurally generated world
  • Build free form interiors
  • Manage your people to make best use of their abilities and strengths
  • Create production chains for processing resources and making items
  • Trade resources and items and explore other areas of the world
  • Mine for valuable deposits
  • Protect your people from winter cold and harsh weather with real heat dynamics
  • Gather knowledge and research new technologies
  • Fight to protect your land and treasures from invaders and other tribes


Toggle Help Window: F1

Move Around Map: W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys
Camera Free Rotation: Left Alt + Mouse Drag
Camera Rotate Left: Q
Camera Rotate Right: E
Camera Zoom: Mouse Wheel

Build Mode
Rotate Object: R
Cancel Build/Blueprint: Right-click (only when not started)
Cancel Build: ESC

Gameplay Controls
Pause/Resume: Spacebar
In-Game Pause Menu: ESC

Thermal Dynamics (Experimental)
Thermal Overlay Toggle: TAB
Add Cold: 1
Add Heat: 2,3,4 (4 will set fires)

Debug Stuff/God Mode

Instant Build Toggle: F5 (building happens wihtout any work)
Free building: F6 (don't need resources on stockpile)

Kill selected character: Delete
Make selected character freeze: F
Make selected character hungry: H
Make selected character tired: 0

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Al aire libre no me llega el gmail con el enlace de descarga me lo puedes pasar por aqui por favor

Oye fijate que no recibi  el link de descarga del juego en mi gmail ....podrias darmelo tu?

In what engine did you made this game?

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ya gracias :V


how do you let people tend crops? not to be offensive but this is the second time i asked this question. So please answer (/ ^0^)/

Hi I must have missed it :| , you shouldn't need to do anything just have one person be a farmer and they will automatically tend to the crops when the health goes below 75%.  

Btw, I'm going to release a new update soon that will change all the jobs, you will just have a worker and skilled worker and they will pretty much take care of all the basic tasks. Also production will be working much better.  Here's a preview https://www.reddit.com/r/RulersQuest/comments/8vqaud/new_production_controls_pre...

Thank you so much!


Looks cool, I'd suggest you make it available on window

It is available for windows, I also just released an update so check it out.

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Its a very good game with a very good idea, but i would like to see the save bottun work because i cant use it and its a littlebit bad if you want to make a longer village not for only one time use!

I will add saving functionality soon. It's a bit problematic right now because just about every new update will break the save games you have but it is coming.


AWSOME GAME! 10/10 would play again

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good game but how do you let people tend crops? My people just keep dying . Plz Answer


thanks, ur game is awesone btw and its pretty dope how you actually answer back to us so keep up the good work!


i dont know if this is a bug or if i dont know how, but it seems like my guys cant gather firewood and light the fire place so is there something im doing wrong or whats up?

Hi, this was a bug and it should be fixed now.


Hey, I don't know if this is the place but I found a bug or flea or tick or something. Whenever you hit new game, you press the escape but it just comes up with a black screen with your custom cursor.

You sure did, will add it to the list. Thanks!


Hi! I love ur game but i can't drag the woods in fire pit or in fire place

So Plz fixs it


Your people should do that for you.  There could be some bugs i'm going to upload a new update that fixes a lot of issues shortly. 

Ok Thanks!

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i love it  :D

this looks awesome if you mix a little bit of rimworld and ymir into it you'll have a game selling like hotcakes 

we need a button for zooming

Map control buttons will come with the minimap.  I have it further down the todo list but can bump it up.

Thx for the info.

Really cool concept can't wait to see what it leads too!


Is there anything special required in order to place floors?


Currently you have to have the walls and doors in place completely enclosing the interior before you can place floors.  I might change how that works in future releases.

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Okay. There also needs to be a way to tear down existing construction, as well as order what parts of a set of construction tasks get done first. Especially with blueprint buildings, sometimes someone gets trapped in a corner if building on the edge of a hill, or the corner is left undone because the side walls next to it are done first.

EDIT: Looks like even with all the walls up, I still can't place floors. :(

EDIT 2: Okay, seems I just have to click once inside to fill the whole room, dragging lines and regions like with walls doesn't work.

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Other issues:

  • If a quern is built next to a wall, whoever built it will be trapped on the tile where the quern was placed and fall into an eternal slumber. This also happens with the cooking pot.
  • Placing a blueprint on top of resources that haven't been collected to a stockpile will prevent the resources from being collected, and the blueprint cannot be erased from those tiles either.
  • Firewood delivery tasks sometimes get ignored even when they're set to highest priority, leading to everyone freezing to death in winter.
  • Wheat cannot be harvested, and the planted area cannot be reclaimed in the spring.
  • Ground used for planting potatoes cannot be reused for any planting afterwards. (Or is this by design?)
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I'm aware of the whole trapped by construction problem and I'm working on a fix.  A "teardown" work task is also on my list.
Crops should create harvest tasks automatically when they are ready.  When did you plant the wheat?
You should be able to reuse the same area for planting again so that's probably a bug.

Thanks for reporting the issues in detail!  I'll try to replicate and fix whatever I can for next update.


I planted the wheat as the first task on the first day of summer, since the game starts then instead of in spring. It still reaches maturity by the end of summer or first day of fall, as far as I can tell, but just never gets harvested. Even with a dedicated farmer, the wheat is just completely ignored after planting. I noticed that there's a task before harvesting for wheat, but it never gets done even if the farmer has nothing else to do.


I think I know what's happening with the firewood being ignored. Everyone just wakes up, eats, warm themselves up, and go back to bed, without any tasks getting completed at all. Priority for warming up should probably be reduced so that firewood becomes higher priority, which also makes sense from a real-world perspective -- a few minutes of trying to warm up by moving your body around is less effective for one's survival than keeping a warm fire going.

Looks like people can wander into the cooking pot and fall asleep there forever as well, whether or not it's next to a wall.


Really cool reminds me of Kenshi - http://store.steampowered.com/app/233860/Kenshi/ and http://store.steampowered.com/app/378360/Ymir/

please, can you make a demo for browser OR a version to android? bcuz i cant download things in the PC bcuz isnt mine and i have a android cellphone

Hey, sorry for late reply, I'm not planning on making a mobile version at least not in the foreseeable future it's just too limiting.  Same with web once the game is in a more stable state i might experiment with other platforms. 

oh ok. When i have my own PC im gonna download the game and maybe donate too. Good luck in your game developer journey

None of my people would do anything

You need to assign them jobs then build things. I will make a tutorial at some point.


The download is for windows, what OS are you on?

windows 10? (sorry i didn't reply earlyer, i was on holiday)

Welcome back, it works on windows 10 let me know if you have any issues.

it says "not available on windows" where the download should be

Ok please try now,  I missed the "windows" checkbox when I uploaded the new version.